April 21, 2009

Writer's Block

I know I haven't posted in over a month. Things have happened. Even interesting things have happened but I just don't feel like writing. Not that anyone is reading anyway lol but I want to have record of the fun things and the sad things and the mundane things that happen to me so I can read them 30 years from now and reminisce about what life was like. But for now, there is nothing. I just don't feel like getting into details so I will briefly show all that has gone on in the past month and 1/2.

*Bella (aka Della) had to be put to sleep. In the end she was miserable but she was thankful that my mom gave her a 2nd chance at life even if only for a month. RIP Bella Della.

*We fostered Bella (aka Della) for a month before Mom adopted her to give her hospice in her last days. She was suffering from renal failure, liver failure and some tumor of unknown origin. Poor girl. She was so needy...she just wanted love. She was completely deaf and had cataracts that caused her to be blind in the dark. An old girl that ended up on the streets alone.

*I had 2 cavities filled (due to meds) that caused a month long green bruise on my cheek which caused people to refer to me as Rihanna. Not to mention the pain. Oh the pain. It is almost 8 weeks later and I still can't sleep on my side because my face hurts so much. Nor can I chew with the right side of my mouth.

*Mastoiditis. A long, painful infection of the mastoid bone which required 2 rounds of extremely dangerous antibiotics. Thankfully that is over.

*I visited my family in Springfield. Kennis came with me. Had a blast even if I was sick the entire time. Mom cut and colored my hair AND straightened it for the first time in my life! Strange feeling after having curly hair for 28 years but it isn't permanent. Wash it and the curls are back!

*More roof leaks. On our "guaranteed" roof work.

*Frank discovered a field up the road from us which is perfect for taking the boys to play frisbie. We have had alot of fun there. However, every time I take them...they rub themselves in something disgusting and I in turn have to come home and bathe them. Cooper found a dead mouse there too. Decided to carry it around in his mouth. OMG disgusting!!!

*KC Pet Expo was a blast! Tons and tons of animals there. Animal Haven had a few adoptions that I am aware of. One was a big, fat cat that Kaylee pushed around in a stroller the entire time. I am talking fat....like over 20 lbs fat. But that was what made her special.

*Frank made me a fabulous dinner to welcome me home from Springfield. He is probably regretting it now because I am requesting it ALL THE TIME. It was a balsamic vinegar, garlic and honey reduction glazed salmon filet with garlic rice, an artichoke and garlic butter. So freaking yummy! I had it again last night and my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

*I lost 17 lbs. Well this is over the course of about 6 months but the last 12 lbs has been in the last 3 months and I don't know what the deal is. I am NOT complaining because I need to lose weight and want to but I haven't exactly been trying. That's ok with me though. :) Just sucks because I don't have clothes that fit right now.

*Everyone and their mother (literally) is pregnant. Jaclyn, Suzie, Itza (Suzie's mom), Natalie and another girl too (but she isn't really a friend, I just work with her). So many pregnancy hormones. And no pregnancy blues on my part, that's for sure!

*Cooper fell off the bed....Poor baby. He landed with a giant thud at about 2:30am. Scared the crap out of me!

*When I got home from Springfield...Cody was so depressed he would hardly look at me. He is usually soooooo over excited to see me even if I have been gone 10 minutes. But apparently I devestated him by leaving for 2 1/2 days. It took him one day to snap out of it but needless to say it broke my heart. Poor baby.

*Kaylee decided the flute was not for her.

*We had Easter with all the kids. We did a hunt with clues for the baskets and they had a blast!

*Kennis' blood sugars have been running low (like 40-50) for over a month. Tim keeps saying he is going to call the dr. but hasn't. He also keeps promising she will get the pump at her next visit but has not made her an appt yet. They specifically told us that appts needed to be scheduled months in advance. There is something seriously wrong with that man.

I think that should do it! If I remember something, I will come back and add it.