March 9, 2008

New to this...

This is all new to me so forgive me if you fall asleep. I am going to use this blog for my own ramblings and thoughts with the hope that someone, anyone is reading.

I want to make a difference in the world and open people's eyes to some of the horrible things happening on our planet daily. Even if my blog allows one reader to learn something new, I will be happy.

This blog won't all be depressing; I am also passionate about things like candy and my beloved dogs who will be referred to as "my boys."

So really there is no one topic I will stick to. You may find entries about animal abuse, animal rights, dogs, global warming, candy, food, current events, Hollywood gossip and of course sometimes I may just tell you about my day.

For now you can look at the links I have posted to the right. These links are places I visit very often. You can learn alot about me by looking at the websites that interest me.

Please feel free to contact me with links you think I would enjoy. No spam please.